Hattie Boydle

WBFF 2016 World Champion | Sports Project Founder | Digital Influencer | Health & Fitness Spokesperson | Keynote Speaker


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Gut Performance

Hattie’s Secret Weapon
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Hattie Boydle is a true champion. A champion elite athlete, a champion coach and a champion mentor. In over two decades of coaching, Hattie is - by far - the hardest working, the singularly focused and the most meticulously dedicated athlete I have ever seen. Her commitment, education and care for her own athletes is the true model of excellence and her holistic approach to training, lifestyle and nutrition is at the pinnacle of the industry, and the results clearly speak for themselves..

Dr. Tony Boutagy

Strength Coach Sports Scientist, Boutagy Fitness Institute

I have the good privilege of knowing Hattie Boydle as a colleague, lifting partner, and friend.

As a colleague, I can attest that Hattie is driven to learn the best possible strategies for her clients and followers. She loves learning new material and is never content with her knowledge and understanding of the world. Her work ethic is admirable and she cares deeply for the people who put their trust in her to help them improve their posing, physiques, and well-being. We put on seminars together and the energy and commitment she has for the attendees are second to none; it’s a pleasure watching her perform.

As a lifting partner, Hattie is consistent, accountable, and motivating. Simply watching her train is a beautiful thing as she approaches lifting like an art form. She hones her skills and pays close attention to mechanics, program design, and physiology. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who trains as hard as Hattie and that’s saying a lot considering I’ve worked with 2,000+ clients in my 22 year personal training career.

As a friend, Hattie has helped me be the best I can be. She pushes me to find true happiness by encouraging me to relax, improve my business strategies, consider different avenues, and make good long term decisions.

Hattie is the real deal and I vouch for her character and expertise.

Bret Contreras

PhD, CSCS., The Glute Guy


Radio Interview Rove and Sam- 2 Day FM

I was asked to be interviewed by Rove and Sam this year. The topic was how I battled and won the fight with Anorexia when I was 16 and where I am placed now on the world stage with WBFF. It was a really positive chat and we were all hoping to be able to create awareness about the disease and to hopefully help others.



I’m with Karl and Lisa on the Today Show to chat about being the highest ranking WBFF Pro Diva in Australia. Good arm wrestle with Timmy!

Strong Stuff

This Strong Women Segment with Chris Urquardt for The TODAY Show, showed just how much the Fitness Industry has evolved from the days of Jane Fonda in leotard, leggings and headband looking so glamorous to now. Weight training, Crossfit and Cardio were featured.