Hattie’s following on Instagram is in the hundred’s of thousands and growing rapidly.

Her followers are men and women who are looking for achievable, healthy results . They listen to her.

Hattie only promotes products or services that she personally loves and believes in.

Want Hattie to help you Activate Your Brand?

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I will be honest and talk from my heart:

Hi my name is Chris, co-owner of Muscle Nation Clothing. Hattie is the epitome of hard work and passion! When we launched MN, our mission statement was to provide value, connect and help our community on their journey. We use social media for social interactions, and that’s what exactly Hattie does. She is a wealth of knowledge, and a personality to match, which allows us to deliver the content to our community.

We understand, as a company, our vision is distributed by your choices of alignments. I first met Hattie at our weekly Facebook Live segment, where I invited her to come and join in with our athletes for a workout. She bossed it, she has a switch, when it’s game time, it’s game time. She seamlessly connected with our team, trained hard, dropped knowledge bombs and answered any live questions coming through. It didn’t take me long to realise, Hattie Boydle needed to be part of the Muscle Nation team.

Fast forward a few months, and we have done so much together. She has embraced and supported Muscle Nation, from day 1. We have worked so well together on many projects, and look forward to many more.

Chris Anastasi

Co-owner Muscle Nation Clothing

Why I love working with Hattie:

Hattie exudes natural beauty and strength.

Hattie is inspiring and empowering, the epitome of SHE By Sharry; Believing that all women are unique and beautiful in their own special way.

SHE is about natural, flawless beauty. Hattie loves to feel glam but doesn’t like to get lost in the makeup. She likes to have her best features light up but at the same time feel like her true self.

Hattie quite often is in our Studio when we are working with large numbers of clientele, either for a shoot or Competition Prep. She will take time to chat with everyone. Hattie genuinely cares and likes people.

As an Ambassador to our Brand, Hattie has grown our market share significantly. No matter how busy Hattie is with training or workload, she makes me feel that my Brand, SHE, is the only Brand she partners with, even though I know it isn’t.


She by Sharry

Hattie is an integral member of our Team.

Without Hattie’s input into the development of Gut Performance, the product would not be as good as it is today.

Hattie’s insights into what the body needs to function at peak performance was invaluable.

Her insistence on natural ingredients with functionality, fitted perfectly with our Food for Purpose™ philosophy. She would not put her name to something that did not perform.

Our Science department took her direction on board and product trials delivered results beyond expectation.

We are delighted to be working with Hattie and look forward to her input into new products that we will develop together.

Hattie is an amazing Ambassador for our Brand.

Every Body Every Day

Gut Performance

The passion screams from this girl and we will never give her up.

I have personally followed Hattie for many years. Once we launched Fitcover I delved into getting to know Hattie more to see if she was the best match for us. It took me about 4.37 minutes (to be exact) to see how incredible Hattie is. She has an amazing background story and it really touched us as a brand. Since working very closely with Hattie I have grown more of a love and respect for her. She keeps up to date with the science behind the body and how it all works on a mental, physical and emotional level. The passion screams from this girl and we will never give her up. She has been a big part of Fitcover and helped us make it what it is today.

Thanks so much

Nova Jane
Director | Fitcover