This Strong Women Segment with Chris Urquardt for The TODAY Show, showed just how much the Fitness Industry has evolved from the days of Jane Fonda in leotard, leggings and headband looking so glamorous to now. Weight training, Crossfit and Cardio were featured.

This was the first time I had ever been interviewed on camera talking about my journey and I am not a big fan of talking about me. The end result was such a surprise. I loved the imagery from Tom and the way Julia Naughton from Huff Post told the story.

I was asked to be interviewed by Rove and Sam this year. The topic was how I battled and won the fight with Anorexia when I was 16 and where I am placed now on the world stage with WBFF. It was a really positive chat and we were all hoping to be able to create awareness about the disease and to hopefully help others.