I’m World Champion!

Aug 28, 2016

It’s official! Today, in Toronto Canada I have been named the WBFF World Champion, beating four-time winner Andrea Brazier. It’s been a lifetime of hard work and 5 years of concentrated effort to get to this point, and I’m thrilled to share this achievement with everyone who has supported me.

? I won. I am now the world champion and I wanted to thank you for your support. ❤️ It's been a lifetime of hard work and 5 years of concentrated effort to get to this point. All of the training and the discipline has paid off. Truth be told discipline and the mental and emotional journey are their own reward but now no have something external to share with you. Today I won the WBFF 10 Year Anniversay show in Toronto Canada. To win I beat the four time champion a women I have admired from afar for years. A women that I was just happy to share the stage with two years ago. It was the greatest honour of my life to win and to do so against Andrea Brazier in the WBFF The biggest show in the world. I want to thank so many people and I will in time but for now thank you to @allisondillett an @wbffpauldillett, @wbff_aust @ari_empire, Huge thank you to @boydlelove I could have done this without you and for all your love and support . Thank you @renata.fabhats_10 and @fuchsiabyalexdavey for my incredible themewear and bikinis, thank you to my stage coach @toby.harrison and my coach @n8fitness Thank you to @australianstrengthcoach @basegym @nickcheadlefitness @becchambersfit ❤️ Thank you to @fitnesstan and the crew who helped make me look so beautiful today. A massive shout out to everyone who was involved in This years worlds I had such a blast and met the nicest people!!!! I love all of my girls in The Sports Model Project thank you for your love and support. To my beautiful family, friends and followers thank you !!! Huge congratulations to all the Australians that took home placings at this years worlds!!!! To my girl @sallypordage who made her pro debut at this years worlds I am so proud of you and so blessed I could share this journey with you. Love and light Hattie xoxo

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