After battling anorexia, Hattie Boydle managed to turn her life around and achieve extreme success…and guns! Here’s how she did it.

Name: Hattie Boydle

Age: 27

Occupation: Professional fitness model and coach

Home city: Sydney


Social media handle: @Hattieboydle

Facebook: Hattie Boydle Performance Coach and The Sports Model Project

You are without doubt one of the fittest and healthiest women in Australia. When did it all start and how have you achieved this?

I have been training my whole life. I love movement, I love strength and skills, but above all I love competing. I was competitive from a young age. My parents put me into gymnastics when I was four, and I started competing at age five. I became an elite gymnast, trained at the AIS and won National level competitions. Gymnastics taught me discipline and movement, which has helped me be the athlete I am today. When I finished high school, I became a personal trainer. I fell into the fitness modelling world because I had an itch to compete and to be the best that I could be.

What is your greatest career accomplishment to date? A real ‘pinch me’ moment?

I have a few…..

It’s taken me eight years to become an overnight success, and although I am grateful for how far I have come, I am not even half way! I pinch myself at the opportunities that made come my way particularly over the last two years. Last year I ranked 4th in the world at the WBFF World Championships, I landed my first cover and it was with my dream magazine Oxygen. This year I was invited to try out for the WWE Wrestling in Ohio, and I also won my first ever pro show in April and was crowned the WBFF Miss North America Fitness Champion.

The icing on the cake was to be sponsored for my theme and bikini wear by Alex Davie @fuschiabyalex and Renata Moraes renata@fabhats_10. I now have a major sponsor with NutriKane, a purely Australian product which promotes good gut health.

And lastly I gained attention and acknowledgement from the media for which I am very grateful. I was interviewed by Rove and Sam at 2Day FM, The Huffington Post and also made my first TV appearance on the TODAY Show. The support is really appreciated.

hattie boydle

It hasn’t been an easy ride for you – you were sick battling an eating disorder during your teenage years. How did you overcome this?

Overcoming the eating disorder took a lot of time and mental strength and I could not have done it without the support from family. It took a hold when I was 16 after a very close friend of mine died in a freak accident. While I was in the clinic I met girls who had been struggling with this illness for a very long time and not only did it scare me but it gave me purpose to get better. I wanted to help women and girls win this battle. I made a choice to fight it but it is such an insidious disease that once it gets a hold of you it takes a very long time to manage it. That experience has played a great part in moulding who I am today.

Hattie Boydle

 Tell us about the Sports Model Project?

I love the idea of being apart of a tribe or community. There was a period in my life where I felt like women weren’t supporting one another and it was really getting to me. I decided to create my own community and support network where women on the same mission could thrive. In my mind I wanted to create an environment where women would train together, compete together, and grow together and that’s exactly what it has turned into!

The Sports Model Project came about four years ago. I had so many women wanting to know how to get in the same shape I was in, and how to bring out the best versions of themselves. It grew from 12 people online, to 80 women online and 100 girls in the gym!!

Can anyone do your program or do you have to be slightly obsessed with fitness?

The Sports Model Project isn’t for everyone. It’s not a quick fix, or for anyone who wants to starve themselves or do endless amounts of cardio. It’s for women who want a sustainable approach to nutrition, training and mindset. It’s for women who have a drive to take their training to another level and be the best versions of themselves, whatever that may be.

hattie boydle

What would 24 hours on your plate look like? 

I start my day with NutriKane, a 100% natural food product made in Australia that promotes and manages good gut health. I also have 30gm walnuts, 1 x cup blueberries, 6 egg whites and a coffee with one sugar

Post-training mid morning I have two pieces of soy and linseed toast with ricotta and Manuka honey as well as a protein shake.

Lunch is normally 200gm baked sweet potato fries with white fish and salad. As well as another coffee!

Mid Afternoon I will have chicken breast with salad.

Dinner is steak with steamed vegetables and baked sweet potato and 25gm Whittakers chocolate.

I also have a NutriKane after dinner.

Lastly, what are some little nuggets of wisdom you wish you could have told your younger self? 

If I was to give my younger self any words of wisdom it would take away everything that I know today.

hattie boydle